Donna Cleveland, M-RAS CATC IV CSC

Donna Cleveland, M-RAS CATC IV CSC

Case Manager and Group Facilitator

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Donna was born and raised in Southern California. She is a certified master-level registered addiction specialist and has certifications in forensic addiction. Donna overcame many personal challenges that brought experiences, strengths, and hope to those facing similar circumstances.

She has received training in trauma-informed services and well-versed in how it correlates to substance use. Her passions are built from the understanding and journey of recovery.

Sorrows and wounds can be better healed with compassion.

Triquetra is unique because it offers a diverse and tailored set of treatment programs that works with your day-to-day schedule. We’ve designed our programs to work with you, not the other way around. You’re able to get world-class treatment without affecting school, work, or any daily obligations. So there’s no need to compromise the things that matter most, like living a fulfilling life and coming home to your loved ones. Furthermore, we require significantly less money out-of-pocket than in-patient treatment programs and accept most major insurance companies you probably already have. Finally, our outpatient program is an exceptional alternative for those who won’t compromise quality and genuinely don’t need residential care. And regardless of which treatment option you go with, you’ll have many opportunities to create immediate support structures and networks to help aid you in your recovery.

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