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We specialize in a wide variety of therapy in treating different complex addictive and psychiatric disorders—each client will receive the best treatment suited to their specific needs.

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We approach your treatment with traditional and alternative-based therapies with a slant toward natural remedies. Although Triquetra practices some of the latest pharmaceutical methods, we do not rely upon it alone. We care about helping our clients heal, whether through natural means, pharmaceutical means, or a combination of both.

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Our programs are designed to work alongside you, not against you. Enjoy world-class treatment with the flexibility of an outpatient treatment program. From mental health to substance use treatment, you’ll find a diverse and tailored set of treatment programs that works with your day-to-day schedule and unique individual needs.

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Outpatient Treatment

Triquetra is unique because it offers a diverse and tailored set of treatment programs that works with your day-to-day schedule. We’ve designed our programs to work with you, not the other way around. You’re able to get world-class treatment without affecting school, work, or any daily obligations. So there’s no need to compromise the things that matter most, like living a fulfilling life and coming home to your loved ones. Furthermore, we require significantly less money out-of-pocket than in-patient treatment programs and accept most major insurance companies you probably already have. Finally, our outpatient program is an exceptional alternative for those who won’t compromise quality and genuinely don’t need residential care. And regardless of which treatment option you go with, you’ll have many opportunities to create immediate support structures and networks to help aid you in your recovery.

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Outpatient Detox

In many cases, the first step in your treatment plan is going to be detoxification. Due to prolonged drug and alcohol dependence, one can experience painful withdrawal symptoms. Detox rids your system of harmful substances and helps you get on the road to recovery. It can be a part of an in-patient treatment program or done as part of what is known as ambulatory detoxification. Triquetra provides access to Board Certified Addiction Medicine doctors who manage detox services so that patients can be comfortable and safe while receiving this level of care. In addition, individual and group therapy sessions will allow you to address the underlying issues that led to your addiction.

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Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Therapy

MAT is a powerful tool for those struggling with addiction or alcoholism. Like what the term implies, Medication-Assisted Treatment uses medications in conjunction with counseling and behavioral therapies to treat substance use disorders on a whole-patient basis. Research supports that a combination of medication and therapy can successfully treat addiction and maintain lasting recovery. Although medication may help with the physical aspects of addiction, such as cravings and withdrawal, it takes a comprehensive counseling approach and other support services to aid people with understanding themselves more deeply.

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Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Professionals

Substance abuse knows no bounds. Lawyers, politicians, businessmen and women, doctors, and others in the healthcare field may struggle with drugs and alcohol. Professionals-only drug and alcohol rehab programs provide a higher level of care in a setting separate from non-professionals in treatment. Detoxification is a common first step in executive rehab programs. Because many professionals have access to highly addictive drugs, some may require medically supervised detoxification (particularly those professionals in the medical field). Triquetra addresses many problems associated with substance abuse among professionals and implements the best treatment possible.

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Treatment tailored for LGBTQ

Triquetra is committed to supporting the health and well-being of our LGBTQ community. Our LGBTQ communities face several health issues, including a greater risk for alcohol and substance use, victims of sex work, alienation, and negative stigma. Our experts have tailored our programs to address and account for individual LGBTQ needs—a defining process unique to Triquetra. We offer individual counseling, group counseling, and medically supervised assistance for LGBTQ individuals struggling with mental health or substance abuse. Furthermore, we include programs that address their partners as well. From maintenance to substance use treatment programs, we believe that the whole body should be addressed, LGBTQ or not.

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